How do we get our property deals?

We work alongside many developers, house builders, banks and receivers. When they have a large amount of property to sell quickly we negotiate a substantial discount exclusively for our investors.

Should I be looking for yield or capital growth?

Both yield and capital growth should be taken into consideration with investing in property. A strong yield is important because it indicates the amount of income you are making from the investment in relation the purchase price. Most investors choose to invest in property because it gives them a higher and more secure yield than can be found elsewhere. Capital growth is also extremely important because it indicates the price at which you can potentially later sell or re-mortgage the property.

Why are our properties predominantly in City centres?

City Centres are excellent locations for buy to let property investment because there is a concentrated demand for rental properties. People of all types, especially young professionals want to live in busy areas close to their work,

night life, restaurants and shops. In response vibrant City Centres are realising rising rental prices, minimal void periods and growing demand to move to these areas.

Should I get a mortgage on the property or buy it outright in cash?

We recommend that our investors purchase the property using a mortgage because this allows for your capital to be spread across multiple properties leading to a greater return in both the short and long term. Our consultants will go through this in detail and can provide worked examples to assist in decision making.

Which mortgage broker should I use and what is their role?

We recommend that you use an ‘all of market’ mortgage broker. They have access to all available mortgage products from every lender without preference to a particular bank. If you do not have an existing relationship with a mortgage broker then our consultants can put you in touch with one who is experienced in these types of properties.

Which mortgage provider is the best?

When it comes to getting a mortgage for an investment property, sometimes the best deal is not available on the high street. There are many mortgage providers in the market and their products are regularly changing. Therefore it is the responsibility of a mortgage broker to recommend a mortgage product that is tailored to suit your investment requirements and personal situation. As above, if you do not have a preferred mortgage broker then our property investment consultants can put you in touch with one of our recommended mortgage brokers.

Who will let out and manage my property for me?

On every property deal we assess the best letting agent in the area using a strict criteria. This is based on a combination of our previous experience of working with the agent, their performance on past deals and the level of service they have offered.

The letting agent can take care of as much or as little as our investors would like. For example they can just find a tenant for the property for you or they can provide a full management service whereby they collect the rent and send it to you on a monthly basis whilst also taking care of any issues that might arise. All letting fees are discounted exclusively for our investors. In some of our deals the properties are already tenanted so everything has already been taken care of.

Do I need to furnish the property? How do I do it? In general a property will achieve higher rents and let out quicker if it is furnished. In addition, it can also be more tax efficient to operate in this way. We work with a furniture company who will fully furnish the property at heavily discounted prices, exclusively for our investors. It should be noted that some of our properties will already be furnished.

Who will be my solicitor?

If you do not have your own solicitor then we have a panel of solicitors that can carry out the legal purchase process for you. The solicitor’s fees will be heavily discounted due to the large number of transactions they perform for our clients. You can still use your own solicitor if you would prefer.

What building guarantees are there in place?

As most of our investments are new build developments that have recently been completed they will come with an NHBC, or equivalent, warranty. Typically these cover major defects for up to 10 years.